Let's Learn Together!

As it is my goal to be that friend you turn to for help in the classroom, a great way to realize this is with one-on-one tutoring on Skype! (Not interested in lessons, but want to make a gift to and/or tip Weilà Tom? See the "donate" button below.)

I'm a TEFL Certified English teacher with a specialization in Business English and I learned Italian as a second language. I've worked as a tutor/private teacher of Italian and English since 2011 and I have had the great fortune of tutoring students of all ages from down the road to across the globe. 

what is a tutoring session?

A tutoring session with me is essentially a conversation where we go over the areas of Italian or English that you need help with (similar to extra help at school). I can answer a list of questions you have, teach you an entire verb tense, help you write an email or CV, help you with your accent and pronunciation, or just have a conversation with you in Italian or English or both!  You can have as many tutoring sessions with me at any time, so long as I'm available. I can take notes of everything we go over on a digital whiteboard and can email them to you after our session.


So How do I get started?

1. How to Schedule an appointment

Email me at info@weilatom.com to find out my availability.

Generally I have availability weekend mornings 10:00am-12:30pm and weekday evenings 8:00pm-10:00pm (US Eastern Standard Time).

Space is limited, but new students are always welcome.

2. How much does it cost?

  • 30 minutes: $15 USD

  • 45 minutes: $25 USD

  • 1 hour: $30 USD


You can pay on your own as soon as you book your appointment. Select the amount of time you booked from the drop down menu below and then select "pay now."


You can cancel an appointment up to 12 hours before the time of your appointment. If you know you'll have to cancel ahead of time, kindly let me know as soon as you can by emailing me at info@weilatom.com

No Show & Late Cancellation Policy: If a student does not show up to their appointment, or cancels within 12 hours of the appointment time, the student will be charged for the tutoring session.

5. Can i purchase your teaching materials?

If you don't have time for tutoring, but would still like access to my teaching materials, check out my Store.

6. have more questions?

For all other questions send an email to info@weilatom.com 


If you're not interested in tutoring but would like to make me a gift, you can click the "donate" button below. All donations aid me on my journey of helping fellow language enthusiasts across the globe to achieve their goals. Thank you!