Start Your Language Learning Diet Today!

Weilà! Welcome to the website of Weilà Tom!


By way of introduction, my name is Tom and I run the YouTube channel Weilà Tom - a project that started in 2011 with an ongoing aim of helping fellow language enthusiasts around the world to learn English & Italian. 

What is a Language Learning Diet?

Over the years of learning Italian, I came to see that learning a language is akin to starting a new diet. When you start a diet - no matter the kind or purpose - your daily routine changes. There are new things you do, new foods you eat, and new exercises you perform. Similarly with a new language, there are new sounds you will hear, new words you will speak, and new people you will meet. Both a diet and learning a language require routine, practice, some form of lifestyle change or improvement, and commitment. What's more, when you learn a new language, the gains you make will last you a lifetime! 

What Does "Weilà" Mean?

There's a funny story behind the word "weilà." I accidentally made up the word one day when mistakingly combining two Italian slang words for "hey." I ended up liking the sound of the word so much that I decided to use it as the main greeting for all of my YouTube videos. As luck would have it, it turns out that weilà (or some variant of it depending on who you talk to) exists in Milanese slang! 

Advice for Learning Italian

Whether you're new to the world of Italian or you've been studying the language all your life, I'd be happy to help you on your journey. On this website you will find my blog with free content to learn Italian, my tutoring page where you can learn more about taking private lessons with me, my store which has my original teaching materials for sale, and links for my social media, such as my YouTube channel - all of these are put in place with the purpose of helping you to get to where you want to be with English & Italian.

The main idea with learning Italian is this: begin by learning grammar. Get a solid foundation for how the language works, what conjugating is, and how to pronounce words. After this, move on to subject-area studying: how to talk about friends, family, work, school, health, holidays, travel, etc. in Italian. Then dive into the culture and history attached to Italian and Italy to enrich your experience even that much more. Click here to read my blog post on advice for learning Italian for more information.

Private Tutoring

If you're interested in taking private English and/or Italian lessons with me, I offer private tutoring on Skype. Click here to learn more about the language services I provide and for pricing information.

Not everyone wants, has the time or money for, or the need for private tutoring. If you fall into any of those categories or anywhere in between, but still want access to my original teaching materials, click here to go to my store where you can purchase and download the same materials I provide to my students at a discounted rate.


Thank you for visiting my website! To learn more about me and what I do, or to find out how to get in touch with me, click here to be taken to the "about me" and "contact" sections of this website. Always remember to spread the love and have an awesome time with your language learning diet!