Word of the Day List - September 2017

Weilà! In September 2017 I set myself a challenge, to do a word of the day everyday for the entire month on my Instagram (@weilatom). It wasn't easy at first as I'd never done something like it before, but I got the hang of it eventually and I've been loving it ever since. It's a great way to learn new vocabulary and there's nothing quite like setting yourself a challenge and the satisfaction you feel when you achieve your goal.

Let's take a look at the words of the day of September 2017 (unfortunately, I lost the last 6):

  1. Talmente - So (as in "so much" or "very much so")
    1. Ero talmente felice di vederti ieri - I was so happy to see you yesterday
  2. Contribuire - To contribute
    1. Grazie a tutti coloro che hanno contribuito a rendere speciale questa giornata - Thanks to all those who contributed to making this day special
  3. Permaloso - Touchy, thin-skinned, sensitive
    1. Sei un po' troppo permaloso - You're a little too sensitive
  4. All'improvviso - Suddenly
    1. E poi all'improvviso abbiamo deciso di andare in America - And then suddenly we decided to go to America
  5. Riunione - Meeting, reunion
    1. Domani ho un riunione con gli investitori - Tomorrow I have a meeting with the investors
  6. Raggiungere - To reach, to catch up with, to achieve
    1. Sono molto felice di aver raggiunto il mio traguardo - I'm so happy to have achieved my goal 
  7. Tergiversare - To beat around the bush
    1. Non lo dico per tergiversare - I'm not saying it to beat around the bush
  8. Appartenere - To belong
    1. Questo libro appartiene al mio fratello minore - This book belongs to my younger brother
  9. Dedurre - To deduce, to infer
    1. Si può facilmente dedurre il significato - You can easily deduce/infer the meaning
  10. Contemporaneamente - Contemporaneously, at the same time, simultaneously
    1. Sono due cose che sono successe contemporaneamente - They are two things that happened simultaneously
  11. Buttare via - To throw away
    1. Non buttare via tutti quei soldi - Don't throw away all that money
  12. Affettuoso - Affectionate
    1. E' una persona molto affettuosa - He/She is a very affectionate person
  13. Avere un dubbio - To be unsure about something
    1. Ho un dubbio, mi potresti aiutare? - I'm not sure about something, can you help me?
  14. Inevitabile - Inevitable
    1. Era inevitabile che ti chiamasse - It was inevitable that he/she was going to call you
  15. Valerne la pena - To be worth it, to be worth your while
    1. Secondo me, ne vale la pena - In my opinion it's worth it
  16. Attraverso - Through, accross
    1. Va' attraverso l'ingresso - Go through the entrance
  17. Disponibilità - Availability
    1. Abbiamo disponibilità domani sera - We have availability tomorrow evening/night
  18. Prego, dopo di te - After you
    1. (When you hold the door open for someone)
  19. In discesa - Downhill
    1. È tutta in discesa da qui - It's all downhill from here
  20. Rendersi conto - To realize something
    1. Mi sono reso conto quanto sia bello qui - I've realized how nice it is here
  21. Ci penso io - I'll handle it, I'll take care of it, I've got this
    1. Non ti preoccupare, ci penso io - Don't worry, I've got this
  22. Pazzesco - Insane
    1. È vero, è pazzesco - It's true, it's insane
  23. Scuro - Dark
    1. Quel colore è un po' scuro - That color is a little dark
  24. Meglio tardi che mai - Better late than never
    1. Come dico sempre, meglio tardi che mai - As I always say, better late than never
  25. Mo - Now (slang)
    1. E mo? Cosa farai? - And now? What are you going to do?